Saturday, January 23, 2010

Amazing how things just work out...

We have received a couple of letters from Alex since the last time we updated this blog. He has been in his new area for a few weeks now and working harder than ever to find people who are searching for the gospel. His recent letters have included more details about the people that he and his companion have met both members of the LDS church and those who are just listening to what the missionaries have to say. I won't share many of the details here of the stories that are of a more personal nature, but if you would like to hear more about them, just contact us privately. But I will say that just like with his last area, Alex has met some very great people some of whom he and his companion are now teaching and others who are helping them teach. Drawing from my own experience as well as from what Alex has told us, there are always those people in every area who are placed there by our Heavenly Father to just watch over the missionaries in a similar way as the missionary's own parents would. To those people, we say Thank You!

As always there are the funny missionary stories and this week's letter is no different. Alex, for whatever reason, decided to buy a new suit... well maybe not so new. He described it as a "super ugly suit that looks like it's from the 60's". Hey, I lived through the 60's and my suits weren't super ugly... ah well, maybe they were. ;-) He seemed to be really proud of this suit especially since it only cost $5. Leave it up to the missionaries to find a bargain. I am guessing that in this case, he might have overpaid for the suit. Apparently his companion also found an equally impressive suit and they both decided that they would wear their recently acquired duds to church the following Sunday. But before Alex could put on his suit, he had to take care of one minor issue. Choosing a tie to go with it. You see Alex inherited a very unique trait. He is very challenged in the area of selecting which colors go with what. A trait that is probably shared by many men only in Alex's case it is a bit more pronounced through genetics. So at a dinner appointment the night before and following the customary missionary spiritual thought that follows, Alex asked the hostess (one of those people that I referred to in the previous paragraph) for a little help picking out a tie. They must have done a really good job picking out a tie because Alex said that everybody at church loved their new clothes. I just hope Alex doesn't decide to send the suit home at some point. I don't think that I could re-live the 60's!

Besides teaching the gospel and working with the members of the church in his area, Alex is also receiving some good experiences in exercising his priesthood. In his last letter, Alex told us a story about how a young priest in their ward was recently T-boned in a traffic accident in heavy fog. The injuries were serious but not as serious as they could have or maybe should have been. As part of their missionary services as well as just looking out for another human being that you care about, Alex and his companion visited this young man in the hospital several times. As things go in these kinds of cases, Alex had the opportunity to use his priesthood to give a blessing. I'm sure this young man has also received many blessings and prayers from other family and church members as well, but calling on the Lord to help those in need can never be overdone.

He ended his last letter by telling us another funny story about going out tracking one day, knocking on a door and being greeted by a bunch of giggling high school girls. Trying to think quickly on his feet he didn't really know what to say to them so he blurted out something stupid, gave the girls some pass along cards and just move on to the next door. Keep up the good work Alex.

We received some more pictures and videos from Alex this past week. Most of the pictures were from Christmas time and all of the things that Alex and his companion were doing in Wamego.

You might ask why Alex is writing on a framed picture on the wall. According to what he told us, this picture contains all of the signatures of all of the past Elders who have worked in Wamego. Now that Alex has been transferred to Platte City, he is adding his name to the Wamego legacy.

Again you might ask, what is he wearing? Have the missionaries traded in their white shirts and ties for a more traditional monk-like robe? No, it is actually kind of an inside joke. In one of the videos that Alex sent home while in Wamego, he joked with this companion about buying matching snuggies. So for Christmas we sent both he and his companion matching embroidered snuggies. Alex loves his. We aren't quite sure what his old companion thinks of the gift.

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