Sunday, April 4, 2010

A couple more follow ups...

Alex wrote us a few weeks back and told us that he and his companion had recieved permission to go to a Kansas University women's basketball game with a family in their Ward and some of the family's friends.  Alex and his companion really enjoyed the basketball game even though the Jayhawks got creamed.  The funny story about this whole event was that Alex told us that everytime the cheerleaders would come out on the floor to dance, he and his companion would look away.  One of the family members that invited them to go to the game, noticed this and started joking with these good missionaries about not wanting to be tempted checking out the cheerleaders. :)  Anyway, sometime during the event, Alex was able to get a picture of himself with the Jayhawk's mascot so I just thought that I would share it here.
Yep, I agree.  The missionaries are #1!  Since this picture was taken at a women's basketball game, I just hope that the person under the jayhawk costume wasn't actually a female.  Otherwise this might be incriminating evidence of a mission rules violation. ;-)  Just kidding!

You also might remember the newspaper article about Alex and the Wamego wrestling team.  In addition the the above photo, Alex also sent us the original article from the Wamego Times (turns out I was right about the name of the newspaper :).  So I took the opportunity to scan the article and include it here.  The image below is probably too small for you to read.  But if you click on the image, a larger copy will appear which should be big enough to read the entire text.  Enjoy!

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