Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Delayed letters home

With the holiday falling on a Monday, the library was closed which meant that Alex wasn't able to write home on his P-day like he normally does.  Then apparently he and his companion had a zone leader conference that they had to attend so we didn't end up hearing from Alex for a few days later than we normally would.  But it is always good to hear from your missionary and when we finally got his letter, he told us about many of the things that have been happening lately.

As I mentioned in the last blog entry, Alex and his companion have been working really hard to find additional people to teach.  Sometimes that can be a little frustrating because some of the appointments that they set with people that they are just starting to teach, tend to fall through.  But this is kind of expected when serving a mission even though knowing that, doesn't really make it any less frustrating.  Through all of that however, Alex did tell us about some good things that have been happening with the people that they are currently teaching.  His letter was short since they weren't able to write during their regular P-day time and they were a little short on time since they had another teaching appointment coming up. 

In his next letter, he started it out with a lot of exclamation marks.  If his punctuation alone could paint the whole picture, Alex was probably dancing around the library in excitement while writing home.  You can probably imagine the librarian having to walk over and with a big "shuuuush", telling Alex to quiet down.  The reason for all of this excitement was due to some news that he had received about a friend from back home.  It all had to do with a decision to go on a mission.  Alex told us that this was the biggest highlight of his whole week and it felt just as good as watching someone being baptized.

Alex did write us a little longer letter this last week but much if it was about experiences that can't really be shared through a blog.  As I mentioned before, while serving a mission, there are times when things are going well, and other times when things get to be a little frustrating.  The ups and downs are all just a part of the whole experience.  He did tell us all about a priesthood meeting that he attended in the Salina branch and how wonderful and powerful the teacher was.  Alex said that he felt a little "rebuked" after the lesson but it was a good kind of rebuking, if that is possible.  Well it must be, because Alex said that the lesson was fantastic and probably the best priesthood meeting that he had ever attended.

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